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Full Version: automatically generate MOC orders for day trades
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HI Alex,

would it be posible to include a feature whereby any executed trades can be automatically exited with a MOC order ?
I'm looking at a day trading strategy which generates a bunch of limit orders prior to market open , for those that get filled during a session a MOC order is used to close them out. So currently the MOC generation is manual. ( but I'm asleep !)

part 2 of this request would be to incorporate a time setting where any unfilled orders are cancelled . For example I don't want a limit order to get filled 20 mins before close as it will be exited at close with a MOC
Not sure if your On-Trigger-expire feature takes car of this one ?

Do you think these 2 features are possible ?

Hi Ivan,

The RSN order type is what you're looking for -- they would only trigger if a position is filled and you can specify to close using MOC.
You can use On-Trigger Expiration to automatically cancel the RSN orders, but that is generally not necessary if your strategy only does what you described:
  - Place limit order
  - Close all positions MOC
Since the RSN orders won't do anything until you have a position.

You can use the Time in Force GTD to cancel those buy limit orders automatically
thanks Alex ,

I will take a look at what you suggest