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Account Settings
Account Settings
The account settings page is where you will manage your broker settings and other account related settings.
Details about setting up your broker are in the startup guide.

[Image: apm_fullaccountsettings.png]

Refer to the startup guide for details about licenses. When you obtain a license for a real account, you will have to input your license token into the Token field.

This section lets you manage the tickers that APM uses at the account level.

Ignore Tickers
You can use this text box to prevent APM from trading a ticker across all strategies. This will allow you to manually trade the ticker yourself without worrying about it affecting your APM strategies.

Orphaned Tickers
This text box will tell you if there are non-ignored tickers that you own (or have orders for) in your portfolio that do not belong to a strategy.
If you want to trade these tickers manually yourself, then you should add them to Ignored Tickers because otherwise any manual orders for them will be automatically cancelled by APM.
If you want to assign some of these tickers to a specific strategy, then simply highlight the ones you want with your mouse and use the buttons above the orphaned tickers text box to transfer them.
If you don't care about what happens to these tickers, then you can leave them and a strategy will be able to take the ticker over and place orders for it.
Note that the orphan tickers text box will only have tickers in it once you connect to your broker.

You have the option to email yourself account information on a schedule that you input.
We suggest you create a new email account that will be used to send the outgoing mail (preferably Gmail). The password you use will be encrypted and stored locally on your computer. The reason we do not use an Alera email to send your data is because we want to preserve the privacy of your data by keeping it off of our own servers.
Once you input this information and set a schedule (refer to the cron guide), you should save the strategy and click the 'play' button beside your schedule to send a test email. If you there is an error with the information you inputted, there will be a message displayed on APM.

Some email services, like Gmail, will not accept automated email messages by default. APM may not be able to detect this issue on its end, so you will have to make sure you modify the settings on your email service to allow this (if you didn't receive the test email). For Gmail, you can find out how to do this here.

Start and Strategies
The Start button will initiate a connection to your broker. If it is successful, the status bar on the bottom of your screen will turn blue.
The Strategies button allows you to view your strategies.

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