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Trail Stop
Hi, it would be nice to define Trail Stop in Points or Ticks, not just Percentage. This can be useful when dealing with Chandelier Stops or when the amount is defined adaptatively on the AMI Strategy wich often occurs on Swing or Intraday Strategies.
Hi Rob, thank you for posting this request.

The Trail Stops are defined right now in percentages mainly because these setting uniformly apply to all tickers owned by a specific strategy . Alera Portfolio Manager was geared towards a portfolio level approach where all tickers assigned to a certain strategy use the same settings ( e.g. the same default position sizing, stop, target percentages, etc). A tick/points stop approach didn't make much sense especially when the portfolio is made out of a large number of stocks and each stock trades at different prices.

Having that said that we're seeing more and more requests to allow more flexibility when trading individual securities as is the case with most of the intraday trading strategies. We're looking currently into allowing exactly the type of behavior you are describing i.e. allowing stop/target order being place on an individual securities basis.
Great!. I'm glad you contemplate this approach for other non Portfolio trading strategies.I suppose alera will expand its user base and therefore the Strategies employed.

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