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too easy to blow away a portfolio position

by accident I just hit the "X" which removed a symbol from my portfolio.

There should be a secondary challenge such as " do you really want to do this ?"

There should also be a way of reverting or restoring a symbol / position .

With multiple stategies it is very difficult to currently reconcile symbols against the account & strategy  so if you accidently remove a symbol it may not get picked up for quite a while.

Needs to be more protection in place

thanks !
Hi, you can add the symbol back if you accidentally remove it.
1) If you already had a position in that stock, then navigate to your account settings and then you will see the ticker in the 'Orphaned Tickers' text box. Select the strategy you want to move the ticker to with the dropdown. Then highlight the ticker (with your mouse) and click the double arrows >>. Now if you navigate back to your strategy, you will see the ticker there again. Note that if you do this too slowly, any order associated with that ticker may have been cancelled -- but you can always run your strategy again and it will place that order again.
2) If you did not have a position, then you will have to run your strategy again.

The reason we do not have a verification pop-up is that the 'remove' action is something someone may want to do many times by hand (and we don't want to make it tedious). However, we do have a verification pop-up for cancelling orders and closing positions, so no need to worry about accidentally pressing those buttons. With that said, we will consider adding a verification pop-up for the 'remove' action in the future.

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