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The Alera Portfolio Manager (APM) can be downloaded (Windows only) from one of the following links.
Also be sure to check out our YouTube Channel

Version 3.3
  • version 3.3.29 - Fixed minor issue in 3.3.28
  • version 3.3.28 - Fixed issue with identifying NASDAQ tickers in IB. This issue was recently introduced by IB.
  • version 3.3.26 - Fixed an issue with missing orders introduced in 3.3.25
  • version 3.3.25 - Added ability to get margin requirements for symbols in IB through the Alera API
  • version 3.3.24 - Yahoo improvements. Signal ID reset requires ID=1 now. Other minor fixes.
  • version 3.3.23 - Temporary fix for Yahoo.
  • version 3.3.22 - Fixed yahoo price fetching errors. Made application height adjustable.
  • version 3.3.21 - Improved system for handling prices, especially when data providers are down. Added option to specify a reference price for market orders using keyword REF_PRICE. See documentation on signals here.
  • version 3.3.20 - Also allow CLOSE MKT orders without getting price from Yahoo.
  • version 3.3.19 - Fix for historical data in PnL plot. New Gmail integration -- If you are currently using the email feature in APM then you will automatically be prompted to connect your Gmail account upon opening APM.
  • version 3.3.18 - Minor Fixes for portfolio view of non-US stocks.
  • version 3.3.17 - Binance API Connection Update
  • version 3.3.16 - PnL tab improvements/fixes
  • version 3.3.15 - Minor improvements: more rounding options, override Time in Force option, save queued conditional orders from being lost upon Broker disconnect.
  • version 3.3.14 - Renamed Soft Cap to Soft Cap+ and added new Soft Cap behaviour more similar to Hard Cap
  • version 3.3.13 - FIX FOR INTERACTIVE BROKERS. The data source (Yahoo) for plotting PnL broke for March 4, 2022 and caused an error. This is now fixed.
  • version 3.3.12 - FIX FOR BINANCE. Binance's API changed and APM was unable to connect anymore. It is fixed in this new version.
  • version 3.3.11 - Added ability to specify an IB algo with orders (see documentation). Can now start/stop the account connection through the API
  • version 3.3.10 - Added Soft Cap++ and Hard Cap++ for crypto traders (see documentation). Added ability to reload the next valid order ID for every order in IB.
  • version 3.3.9- Various minor improvements to API (basic account stats), Binance GTD orders, and APM reconnections. Added ability to close all positions in a strategy.
  • version 3.3.8 - Added ability to programmatically start APM and connect to your broker. See documentation.
  • version 3.3.7 - Added support for Coinbase Pro
  • version 3.3.6 - Minor Improvements, mainly for Binance.
  • version 3.3.5 - Upgraded Binance library version.
  • version 3.3.4 - Added Delayed Orders. These can be set to trigger after a certain time. See documentation.
  • version 3.3.3 - Added ability cancel Custom Stop/Target orders through signals (see documentation). Added BNB as base currency to Binance. Various other minor improvements.
  • version 3.3.2 - Fixed issue with handling contract details for invalid tickers in IB (such as corporate actions).
  • version 3.3.1 - Added ability to specify to a list of tickers to preload contract details for. See documentation.
  • version 3.3.0 - Added Custom Stop/Target orders (see documentation). Various backend improvements.

Version 3.2
  • version 3.2.8 - Increased allowed precision for trail stop % orders
  • version 3.2.7 - Improved rounding for non-margin crypto accounts to improve probability of execution. Other minor improvements.
  • version 3.2.6  - APM tries a few more times to reconnect to the broker overnight upon disconnect. Fixed bug with RSN orders being automatically cancelled when no TIF specified
  • version 3.2.5 - Removed "simulated trading" warning from Binance test licenses -- very minor change
  • version 3.2.4 - Added free Binance licenses since Binance does not offer paper trading. Just select "Free Test License" in your account settings -- note these use REAL money.
  • version 3.2.3 - Added ability to place orders outside of Regular Trading Hours in IB. Affects both regular orders and automated STP/TGT orders.
  • version 3.2.2 - Added BUSD and USDC as base currencies for Binance. Added support for more LSE tickers in IB.
  • version 3.2.1 - Added account level unit types (%ACCTCASH, %ACCTLONGEXP, %ACCTSHORTEXP, %ACCTNETEXP)
  • version 3.2.0 - Added support for CFDs (Contracts for Difference). Available for Interactive Brokers users outside of the US and Canada. See APM docs and IB docs

Version 3.1
  • version 3.1.11 - Fixed display issue in Order Preview for conditional orders
  • version 3.1.10 - Fixed issue with Order Preview not correctly processing orders when Hard Cap+ option is used. Slightly adjusted UI layout.
  • version 3.1.9 - Added Hard Cap+ option to limit max positions and improved OTL/OTS functionality
  • version 3.1.8 - Added OTL/OTS conditional orders and a new column in portfolio tab to display the days in the market for each position.
  • version 3.1.7 - Automated Stop/Target orders in IB use the position "cost" provided by IB as the base price now -- this provides more consistent behaviour
  • version 3.1.6 - Upgraded IB API backend
  • version 3.1.5 - Reworked support for licenses (no noticeable changes on the user end)
  • version 3.1.4 - Fixed issue with manually closing positions
  • version 3.1.3 - Improved backwards compatibility
  • version 3.1.2 - Added ability to view charts for tickers in Trading View
  • version 3.1.1 - Added total exposure column to the P&L table
  • version 3.1.0 - Added P&L tracking and strategy priority. Documentation coming soon.

Version 3.0
  • version 3.0.1 - Added default time in force for IBFX and improved logging
  • version 3.0.0 - Added FX and Crypto trading for IB and Binance/BinanceUS (see this guide).

Version 2.1
  • version 2.1.15 - Google drive files are now processed in order of modified time (oldest to newest). Note that Google Drive only stores write time up to the second so your files must be created at least a second apart.
  • version 2.1.14 - Added optional expiration time for conditional (RSN/REL/RES) orders. Added STPMKT orders.
  • version 2.1.13 - Added Good Until Date (GTD) and Limit if Touched (LIT) orders in IB. Reworked risk manager stop/target orders -- this will treat all your existing stop/target orders as regular orders once you do the update (it will work normally after). Improved soft cap functionality. Added changes to address potential (new) problems with IB API changes -- so we recommend upgrading to this new version of APM.
  • version 2.1.12 - Improved Google Drive access speed
  • version 2.1.11 - Added support for London Stock Exchange
  • version 2.1.10 - Added hard and soft cap for max #stocks (documentation coming soon)
  • version 2.1.9 - Added Stop Limit orders
  • version 2.1.8 - UI Improvements for Order Preview and Portfolio view
  • version 2.1.7 - Portfolio view improvements (added cancel order button) and fixed Google Drive max #positions problem
  • version 2.1.6 - Further improvements to logging and formatting
  • version 2.1.5 - Slight change to number display/format
  • version 2.1.4 - Added ability to run strategies from the API
  • version 2.1.3 - Improved Google Drive Support
  • version 2.1.2 - Added Google Drive support
  • version 2.1.1 - Improved logging
  • version 2.1.0 - Added Alera API (see documentation)

Version 2.0
  • version 2.0.6 - Fixed valid licensing token bug
  • version 2.0.5 - Minor pricing fix
  • version 2.0.4 - Added re-entry orders
  • version 2.0.3 - Added more info to summary emails
  • version 2.0.2 - UI Improvements
  • version 2.0.1 - Added Australian and Indian Markets

Version 1.1 - not available
  • version 1.1.4 - Scheduling improvements
  • version 1.1.3 - Updated IEX Cloud pricing retrieval
  • version 1.1.2 - Updated valid exchanges
  • version 1.1.1 - Added Hedging Actions

Version 1.0 - not available
  • version 1.0.17 - Added csv file format support
Once you install the software, there will be two applications that will run on your computer, the Alera Dashboard and the Alera Portfolio Manager. The Dashboard, for which there will be a shortcut on your desktop, allows you to create/open accounts. Feel free to pin this application to your taskbar for quick access. The APM, which is the core software that will manage your accounts, is opened directly from the Dashboard when you select an account. The APM should not be opened on its own, as it won't allow you to access any accounts you've created. Note that the first time you open the Dashboard and APM, your anti-virus software may scan it. Let it finish its scans and restart the Dashboard if you encounter any problems.

You should also verify that you have .NET Framework version 4.6.2 installed on your computer.
To do so you should open the regedit program, which can found in your windows programs. Go to the path:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full
and verify that the Release's Data value is higher than 394802, as in the example below (in this case the value is 461808).[Image: apm_setup_checknetversion.png]

You can download the latest version of .NET Framework from Microsoft (not .NET Core)
Also make sure that you download the version for running apps (not building apps).
Version 3.1.11 Released.

Beta Version 3.2.0 with CFDs Released.
HI Alex , I have been looking forward to this functionality , thank you !

I will start running it on my paper account
Just a question, if I change a strat from stocks to CFD only , will it still manage any open positions which are stocks ? Or will they get ignored and I have to manually deal with them ?

regards Ivan
(01-05-2021, 09:45 PM)ivanf Wrote: HI Alex , I have been looking forward to this functionality , thank you !

I will start running it on my paper account
Just a question, if I change a strat from stocks to CFD only , will it still manage any open positions which are stocks ?  Or will they get ignored and I have to manually deal with them ?

regards Ivan

Hi Ivan, if you change a strategy from stocks to CFD only, then all the stock positions will be removed from your strategy. You can use the stock&CFD option to allow both (with default set to CFD) and open new positions as CFDs.
Beta Version 3.2.2 Released.
Beta Version 3.2.3 Released
Beta Version 3.2.5 released
Version 3.2.6 released. RSN order are not automatically cancelled anymore by default (this is the intended behaviour)
Beta Version 3.2.7 released
Released Version 3.2.8

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