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Trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference)
CFDs for Stocks
These instruments allow you to get the returns of an underlying stock, but are traded directly through your broker and not an exchange. They can be useful if you are European and looking to trade US ETFs and Stocks that may not be available in your country. Please read the IB documentation doc 1 and doc 2. Trade at your own risk.

CFDs are not available to those residing in the US or Canada for legal reasons. If you attempt to trade CFDs on your IB accounts, the orders will be rejected from IB (and you can see the error message in your account log).

Before reading ahead, make sure you have read the Stock Signals tutorial.

How Trade CFDs in APM
In your strategy settings there is a Security Type setting that allows you to select different options for trading.
CFDs are prefixed with the @ symbol, e.g. the CFD for SPY will be displayed as @SPY

Stocks Only
Standard APM stock trading.

CFDs Only
Trade only CFDs. All signals should be formatted the same. The only difference is that instead of buying the stock, APM will buy the CFD.

Stocks and CFDs
This setting allows you trade both Stocks and CFDs. Click the ... beside this option to open a settings window that allows you to specify which tickers you would like to trade as Stocks and CFDs.
IMPORTANT: Even though we distinguish between Stocks and CFDs, signals must still only contain the ticker name, e.g. SPY and not @SPY
IMPORTANT: You can only trade either the Stock or the CFD for a ticker in the strategy. For example, if the stock is currently in the strategy, then any signals in the strategy will be for the stock regardless of your settings. Once the stock position closes, then you can trade the CFD in the strategy.

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