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Features Roadmap
Features Roadmap
The following is a brief list of features we intend to add to APM. We don't provide a timeline for all of them since our priorities for features may change.

Features currently being developed
  • Custom Stop/Target orders, i.e bracket orders
  • Adding new crypto brokers (Kraken and Coinbase Pro)
Next major features
  • Account P&L + account level portfolio view (this is already done at the strategy level, but would be useful at an account level)
  • More order management functionality, such as orders that are placed after X time plus orders that close positions after X time
  • Futures
  • New stock and crypto┬ábrokers (undecided on which brokers)
  • P&L for crypto
Minor features
  • Trade some selected penny stocks
  • Add timezone to cron scheduling
  • More to be added...
I see that additional brokers are being considered and I personally would love to see if Alera could connect to the following brokers:

  1. Alpaca
  2. Ally Invest
  3. TradeStation
  4. TD Ameritrade
Thanks so much for considering these possible sites and your product is excellent and great to work with.

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