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Rounding Shares
As far as I understand, for the American market, if you send an order for odd lots, it gets sent to different and possibly less favorable market for odd lots. It's nice on Alera, that you can uncheck "Allow Odd Lots" and that works well in most cases.

However, when you're working with some high priced shares, and it wants to round the value down, you end up with an order for 0 shares. For example, if you wanted to buy 4 shares of GOOG, currently around $2900 a share, it would round it up to 0. Would it be possible to include a switch to turn on the "Allow Odd Lots", only when the number of shares calculated to buy is less than a certain number, say 200 shares? Then if you have over 200 shares calculated, it would round the number of shares down.
This is a good point -- it's not feasible to use rounded shares for stocks with high share price. I'll consider adding the option you suggested (or something similar)

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