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Limit new trades per day
I think a great feature of Alera is the ability to set a soft cap or hard cap for the number of trades in a system. Would it be possible to be able to have a setting where you could limit the number of new trades in one day? For example, you might have a system set to take a maximum of 10 trades, but in any one day, you only want it to take 5 new trades.
I can look into this, but it's not easy to compute the number of trades per day -- we don't really work with trade data anywhere right now (except for displaying the trades IB says were made). One way to implement this would be to look at the number of positions in your portfolio X and set the cap to min(10,X+5) every day -- although "every day" would not be well defined, unless you provide a specific time every day to trigger this process.

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