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Reset Equity Chart
Is there a way to reset the chart that tracks the equity of the system? I don't mind even if I have to edit something in a particular file but it would be easier than starting a new system because you wanted to start a new equity chart.
The file StrategyStats.db in the <account>/databases folder stores all your performance history. You can use something like to edit the database -- you would just need to delete data before a certain data in the StrategyAllocations table (or you may need to edit all the tables to remove data before a specific date).

If you want to completely reset everything, then delete (or rename) the database file.
[attachment=18]That worked as you said. For the benefit or others who want to try it, I downloaded DB Browser, then under AleraWorkspace/yourname/databases/strategyStats.db and then as shown in the screen capture here, selected the Browse Data tab, then StrategyAllocations and sorted the data by the system number and deleted the dates I wanted to remove.

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