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Frequently Asked Questions
This thread will contain a list of frequently asked questions that will help users get an understanding of the Alera Portfolio Manager (APM).
Feel free to post other questions you have or think should be added to this list in the comments.

Where do I download the software from?
You can download APM from the installation page.

What Brokers does APM work with?
Currently, the software is only compatible with Interactive Brokers (IB), but we plan to add more brokers in the future.
You will have to open an account with IB in order to use the software.

How do I test APM before using it with real money?
When you open an account with IB, you are given a free paper trading (simulated trading) account that you can use to test APM.

Does it cost money?
The software is free to use for 3 months with a paper trading account (no sign-up required currently).
If you would like to use it with a real account, please email us at

What do you do with my account information?
We understand that traders want to keep not only their strategies private, but also their account information. 
That is why we designed APM so that no information, other than your account ID (for licensing purposes), is sent to our servers.

What can I trade with APM?
APM currently handles only U.S. stocks. We plan to support options, futures, forex, and crypto.

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